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New steak house in Esto-Sadka with panoramic mountain views and an outdoor swimming pool.

About our restaurant

Welcome to steak house Don Myshmylino.
Enjoy socializing with friends, delicious drinks and snacks from our menu. Don Mushmulino is a new atmospheric place in the center of the ski resort. Perfect for lunches and business meetings, as well as banquets and parties. The cuisine is Italian, European, mixed.

Average check: 1,700 rubles

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Myshmyla offers a diverse selection of dishes from European and Oriental cuisine. Choose something from the menu or trust our recommendations. And to make everything go smoothly, we suggest you book a table in advance.

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Reviews of our guests

I was at Myshmyla restaurant and was delighted! The atmosphere there is simply amazing - cozy, warm, pleasant. The service is at the highest level - the waiters are attentive and friendly, everything is fast and high quality. And the food... Mmm, just a delicious paradise! I ordered fish dishes, and they were just perfect - fresh, juicy, cooked with love and skill. I will definitely come back to Myshmyla again!


A guest from Moscow

I don't go to restaurants that often, but Myshmyla impressed me. The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful interior and pleasant music. But the most important thing is, of course, food. I ordered a beef steak, and it was just great - juicy, fragrant, just melted in my mouth. And the waiters really care about their guests - they not only leave room for personal life, but are also ready to suggest what is better to order. I am very pleased with my visit to Myshmyla and will probably return there again.


A guest from St. Petersburg

Myshmyla Restaurant is a real culinary masterpiece! I ordered risotto with mushrooms and it was just incredible - fragrant, juicy, with a rich mushroom taste and a pleasant consistency. And I also really liked the service - the waiters really care about their guests, are always there if something is needed, and at the same time do not impose their opinion. If you need to have a great time in a pleasant atmosphere and experience a real gastronomic experience, then Myshmyla is what you need!


A guest from St. Petersburg

I never thought about what could be the difference between a regular barbecue and a barbecue in a restaurant until I got to Myshmyla. I ordered a veal kebab, and it was completely different - juicy, soft, fragrant, with perfect roasting. And I also really liked the service - the waiters were always there if something was needed, but at the same time they did not distract and did not interfere with enjoying the food. I am very happy with my trip to Myshmyla and recommend this restaurant to all lovers of good food!


We are here!

Sochi, Esto-Sadok, 2-a Resettled street

Daily from 12:00 to 01:00